Below is a brief overview of a few projects I've contributed to. If you'd like to hear more about my work, let's chat over coffee.

Product Designer

Interface designer, user support, and team evangelist for ActiveConversion, a SAAS sales and marketing platform.

Interface & Interaction Design

Interface and interaction designer for InviteRight, an online events management application.

Website Design

Website planning, wireframing, design, and project management for a new company that moves seismic data to the cloud and enables teams to work with it easily, instantly.

Website Design

ActiveConversion's pivot to a new audience led to a website overhaul. Our team of 3 turned the site around, from planning through launch, in 3 weeks. I did the project management, conversion planning, and design.

Website Design

Website design project for a local precast concrete company that was shifting their marketing from a heavy-duty industrial feel to that of a luxury brand.

Switching Project Management Tools

I worked with the Client Services team to facilitate switching to a new project management tool - from planning stages through implementation.

Adobe XD Asset Library

Create a design asset library in Adobe XD for ActiveConversion, a marketing automation platform. This is an ongoing project I'm adding to as I find the time.

Theme Selection & Testing

I've been working with our lead developer to review and test potential themes for upgrading our application's front end UI in the new year.

Improved User Experience

Conversion & usability project. Review, design, and development (HTML, CSS, minor PHP) for COSSD, an online business directory.

Web Application Interface Design

Interface design project for an application that integrates payroll and timesheet systems for a local staffing company.



I'm always up for a coffee meetup. Drop me a line using the form below or reach out on LinkedIn and I'll be in touch!