Below is a brief overview of a few SAAS projects I've contributed to. If you'd like to hear more about my work, let's chat over coffee.

Contact Filter UX/UI

This UX case study dives into a 4-hour design project I took on to improve the usability of a proposed contact filter. I simplified the display and use of filters with design patterns our users were already familiar with.

Reimagining Posts Using Material-UI

In this speculative project, I worked through a conceptual vision on reimagining an existing internal communications application screen using Google's Material UI standards.

Simplifying A Vacation Tracking Interface

In early 2017 I tried out a new HR & vacation tracking app. I sent in product feedback, which led to a discussion with the product designer. Here's the concept I mocked up to simplify how leave types are presented to users.

Adobe XD Asset Library

I've started to create a design asset library in Adobe XD for ActiveConversion, a marketing automation platform. This is an ongoing side project I'm adding to as time allows. It's the first step in working towards a more cohesive design system.

The Evolution Of An Interface

I've been designing pieces of the ActiveConversion app for over 10 years. Through this time we've seen 3 different navigation structures, new libraries, updated themes, and an evolving way of looking at the product. This is a concept the product team and I are discussing in switching to a vertical, more mobile-friendly navigation system.

New User Types? New Workflows & Screens

Part of product design is rethinking what you already have as the company changes. In 2019 ActiveConversion's product offerings changed to better fit today's market. With this pivot came the need to present new information to new users in a way that ties into the existing application seamlessly. I've been working with the team on new workflows, screens, and interface elements to support this pivot.



I'm always up for a coffee meetup. Drop me a line using the form below or reach out on LinkedIn and I'll be in touch!